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• Think Tank. Advanced in vitro model validation.
• Is the validation of cell culture models important for your institution?
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TEDD Annual Meeting 2018
Registration is now open. Find out about our exciting program.

The meeting will bring together professionals with a shared interest in advanced 3D analysis methods: microscopy, sensors, data modelling, high-throughput screening and more. Companies will exhibit during the famously long lunch break. Join us for this meeting to celebrate another fruitful TEDD collaboration year with the new perspectives ahead.
Registration deadline
12. October 2018
Program and Exhibition
TEDD Think Tank
Think Tank. Advanced in vitro model validation.
Are you interested in the validation of cell culture models? The workshop organized by CC TEDD and Precomb on 24. October 2018 will have a closer look at how to enable direct comparison and assess the translational value of in vitro models. Workshop is by invitation only - contact Dr. Katarzyna Kopanska if you would like to contribute to this meeting.
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Is the validation of cell culture models important for your institution?
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New TEDD Partners
Cellbox Solution
cell logistics, transport under laboratory conditions, portable CO2 incubator
high throughput screening, compound management
imaging, high throughput, OCT
proteins, antibodies, ELISA, assays, small molecules, medium, instruments for Western Blotting, special stem cell products, immunology
fiber-optics, micromechanical characterisation of soft biomaterials
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TEDD Board Meeting
24. October 2018
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2018 TERMIS World Congress
04.-07. September 2018
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